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Therapeutic full body + Chinese foot massage

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THERAPEUTIC CLASSICAL MASSAGE involves each muscle individually, and the overall effect of the massage is relaxing and soothing. Repetition of movements, according to the course of blood flow to the heart, helps to improve metabolism, removal of by-products from the body.

It is not only an effective preventive measure that strengthens the whole body, but also a very useful procedure to relax, help the body recover faster after physical or emotional fatigue.

The massage is applied to those who feel nervous tension, decreased ability to work, complain of sleep disorders, imbalance of the whole body, in the presence of back muscle tension, to improve the condition of the joints and overall well-being.

After this procedure, the lymphatic system and blood circulation are activated, and the elimination of toxic substances from the body is accelerated. Improves the process of muscle regeneration (recovery), blood circulation in the skin and subcutaneous (fatty and muscular) tissues. The work of internal organs is also stimulated. The massage is performed only with carefully selected creams and oils.

CHINESE FOOT MASSAGE stimulates biologically active points in the feet related to the activity of other organs. The massage is perfect for people suffering from headaches, migraines, high pressure, poor kidney function, full body fatigue and leg pain.

Massages are performed by a qualified masseur with medical education, extensive practical experience and deep anatomical knowledge.

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